Yoga at Home / Personal Yoga

If you are looking for a secluded, silent, one-on-one yoga practice with personal care and attention and without any outside disturbances, private yoga lessons are ideal for you. In private yoga lessons you save your time and energy from travelling to a distant yoga studio and practice yoga from the comfort of your home in a personal ambience. In private yoga lessons you learn properly with one-on-one attention from the yoga trainer. The yoga trainer also gets enough time to understand your needs & requirements and customizes the yoga practices accordingly for your maximum health benefit.

If you are suffering from any specific health problems, the private yoga lessons are meant for you. Yoga therapy practices cannot be done in a group, it has to be done always on one-on-one basis as your problem is different from others. In a group yoga class, the yoga practices are not addressed according to your body conditions & requirements, some of the practices in the group might be harmful to you. Moreover, if the group yoga trainer is not a qualified yoga therapist but only a yoga instructor, he may not know the yoga practices that are useful and harmful to your body conditions. Therefore, if you are suffering with any specific health conditions, private yoga lessons are most ideal for you.

Family Yoga / Home Yoga

Practicing yoga at home with your family members brings good mood, understanding, love and care.
It attracts good energy and creates positive ambience.
It also saves your time and energy from traveling to a distant yoga studio or center.
It is a joy and fun to practice yoga together at home with your family members.
We customize the yoga practices as per your family members needs & requirements, so that each member of your family gets the maximum health benefits.