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The most systematic method of attaining states of meditation is raja yoga. It is not the only method, and in fact all other types of yoga such as bhakti, karma,jnana yoga, etc., are equally important and all aim at ventually bringing about meditational experiences, and ultimately gaining self-realization. In fact, all the different systems should be practised as much as possible in conjunction with each other, for they don’t oppose each other. You can join Yoga in Mumbai given by Best Yoga Teacher in Mumbai.The other systems of yoga are discussed in the following chapter. Raja yoga is explained in the Yoga Sutras, written by the ancient yogi Patanjali some time before the birth of Christ. It is worth discussing this system in some detail, for it throws much light on the obstacles that must be overcome before successful meditation can be attained. The first stages have little direct connection with meditation but are of the utmost importance, for they prepare the practitioner’s mind and body for the higher stages. Without some practice of the first five stages few people will have success in meditation. Of course they are not absolutely necessary and some people will be able to meditate without even knowing of their existence, but these are the few lucky people who have no mental or Physical disorders, and who from birth have been inclined to looking inwards and toward the meditational way of life. Raja Yoga is for every person, whatever his or her nature. It starts with the very basic requirements for higher spiritual life. It begins by moulding a person’s character in the way necessary for spiritual progress. Join Yoga Classes in Andheri West provided by Best Yoga Trainer in Andheri West.

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Stages of Raja Yoga

Patanjali divided the path of raja yoga into eight stages starting from the basic rules of character change in the individual and ending with the final stage of Samadhi, samadhi being also divided into four stages, ulminating self-realization. The first five stages are the preparatory practices and stages six to eight are the higher stages.Call Sivananda Yogshala to Join Yoga Class in Goregaon West

1. Yamas (social code)

2. Niyamas (personal code)

3. Asana (postures, states of being)

4. Pranayama (control of prana, life-force, cosmic energy)

5. Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses)

6. Dharana (concentration)

7. Dhyana (meditation)

8. Samadhi (transcendental consciousness)

The first five practices are bahiranga (external) yoga and the last three are antaranga (internal) yoga. The inner and higher practices become easier to perform when the external and preliminary practices have been developed to a reason-able degree of perfection. The reason for this is that most of us are  totally unable to concentrate and meditate because of the continual wandering and rational thinking of the mind. Only a person with a tranquil mind can meditate. Join Yoga in Mhada Andheri West for fit and healthy body. Let us look at the types of disturbances that prevent concentration and meditation:

  • Emotional disturbances due to mental conflicts and moral imperfections, which are eliminated or at least reduced by developing the yamas and niyamas (stages 1 and 2).
  • Physical discomforts such as pain, illness and uncomfortable posture which are removed by practising asanas (stage 3).
  • Irregularities in the pranic flow in the body which cause disturbances. Prana is energy in the body that can be loosely defined as vital or bioenergy. The techniques of pranayama (stage 4) remove any mental disturbances which arise from this source.
  • Outside distractions such as sounds which cause mental disturbance. Flow can we possibly perform the inner techniques when our mind is absorbed and continually distracted by the outside environment?

Pratyahara (stage 5 in raja yoga) eliminates this source of disturbance by disconnecting the association of the sense organs, eyes, ears, nose, etc., from external happenings. The outer occurrences are still there, of course, but the sense organs no longer send messages to the mind, or if they do the mind does not become aware of them. The reader should now realize how important Patanjali’s first five stages are in order to successfully practise the higher stages.Call Sivananda Yogshala +91-9555747873 to Thai Massage in Andheri West .

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