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Yoga in Andheri West

Diet & Nutrition – The Yoga Diet – Yoga in Mumbai – Yoga class in Mumbai

We are constantly bombarded with stimuli, and these make up the diet of our lifestyle. From the food we eat, the air we breathe, the things we see, feel, hear… Read more »

Yoga in Mumbai

Get Active & Energetic Body by Doing Yoga Classes in Mumbai

Yoga Students, Teachers and Enthusiasts. With the rising notoriety of Yoga, an ever increasing number of individuals are taking to the act of Yoga for reasons of wellbeing, recuperating and… Read more »

Yoga classes in Juhu

Yoga Classes in Juhu offered from Best Yoga Trainer in Juhu

When we read about or hear the word ‘contemplation’, we typically consider the Buddha or Buddhist reflection – and picture individuals, including the Buddha and Buddhist priests, in different thoughtful… Read more »